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corporate Events

Trust us, your team's never worked together as well as they will when there's this much fun involved. We know how to host a corporate event that's equal parts serious business and serious fun.

party space

Recent history has shown us that life is best spent with the people we love. Give the group a new memory to laugh about later with a party or special social gathering at Back 9 today. 

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Event booking faq

Room Rentals Available for Booking

-Event Room

Our event rooms are slightly larger than the suites. They are equipped with banquet tables and chairs in the case that you will be holding a meeting. If your guests want an area to convene altogether and grab a bite, that would work in this space as well. There is also an 85" mounted TV if you have any sort of A/V presentation. Max capacity is about 45 (depending on the setup style).


-VIP Suites

These rooms are set up lounge style with soft seating and three TVs. There are 2 adjoining golf bays with each suite (golf play not included in the room rental fee). Each suite also has a connected terrace with some outdoor seating as well. This makes for a great space to host cocktail hour as it gives your guests a common area to mingle and grab a drink and/or appetizer. Max capacity is about 25 people.



Is the Room Rental an hourly fee?

No, Room Rentals are charged as a flat fee, and you will have access to the private room for the duration of your event (up to four hours).


Can I use Back 9 coupons towards my event?

No, Back 9 coupons are valid for regular reservations only.


Can I bring in a cake and/or decorations?

Yes! You are welcome to bring decorations as long as you take them with you at the end of your event. We kindly ask that you refrain from bringing confetti, candles or any type of open flame, or decorations that require adhesives. We allow store-bought cakes with the ingredients and nutrition label affixed. We recommend you bring all items necessary to serve the cake (paper plates, silverware, cutting utensils, etc.) to avoid a cake cutting fee.


Can we take home any leftover food from our catering order?

No, in order to follow all FDA regulations, we do not allow guests to take home catering items.


What type of seating is located in the golf bays?
Each golf bay has a four-top table and a large booth to comfortably seat 8 guests.


If not everyone in my party wants to golf, can I reserve less bays?

If you have reserved an additional event space (i.e. Meeting Room, VIP Suite, etc.), you may choose to reserve less bays if not everyone in your group is planning to golf. If you haven't reserved any additional event space, in order to follow all fire codes, you must reserve the appropriate number of bays to accommodate a maximum of 8 guests per bay.


How many guests does each golf bay accommodate?

Each of our golf bays holds up to 8 people at one time, whether each person is golfing or not.


If I rent out a private room, is golf play included in the price of a room rental?

No, the price of golf is a separate charge from the room rental fee.


What is the 25% service charge for?

Our service charge is a built-in gratuity that goes to your dedicated and friendly event service team.


Do I have to pay for everything myself if I book an event?

No. All food and beverages for your event will be paid for at the end of your event with your server. We can split the catering and alcohol bills however you like.


Our group does not drink alcohol. Would this still be a good place to hold or event?

Absolutely! We do not require any alcohol purchases to have a good time at Back 9! However, please keep in mind that we will still have our bars open to other guests and events.


How far in advance should I reach out to start planning an event? 

We require that all event details be finalized at least 14 days before your event happens. We recommend at least 3 to 4 weeks for lead time.


What if my organization is tax-exempt?

Please send over any tax-exempt certificates to your dedicated event planner. Depending on the parameters stated on your certificate, you may be exempt from sales tax on any private room rentals. In rare cases, you may be exempt from food and beverage tax as well. 

All tax-exempt organizations must pay any tax-exempt event charges with a form of payment from the exempt organization and not with a personal form of payment. We do not give tax-exemptions to any private schools or universities.

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